EFL Syllabuses from 6eme to Terminale: Explore our comprehensive collection of detailed syllabuses for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses, meticulously designed for each grade level from 6eme to Terminale. These syllabuses provide a structured framework for effective language learning.


6eme (6th Grade) EFL Syllabus

A syllabus designed to introduce English language basics to 6th-grade students, focusing on fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and basic communication skills

English Curriculum for Post-Primary Education

6th Grade Program/Progression 6e


5eme (7th Grade) EFL Syllabus

Building upon the foundation laid in the 6th grade, this syllabus continues to develop students' English language skills, emphasizing vocabulary expansion and simple sentence structures.

7th Grade Program/Progression 5e


4eme (8th Grade)

8th Grade Program/Progression 4e


Teacher's book/Guide download or view link

The "Guide de l'enseignant" for the 8th/9th grade (4e class) English curriculum is a key component of the ongoing educational reform. It advocates an integrative pedagogical approach, focusing on:


Curricular Structure: The curriculum is divided into eight thematic units, covering topics such as family, health, youth issues, environmental education, gender, road safety, and information and communication technologies. It also includes nine major grammar topics, with vocabulary linked to these themes.

Instructional Hours: The total instructional time for English in the 8th grade is 90 hours, distributed across three terms.

Learning Objectives: Objectives are centered around enhancing oral and written expression in English, understanding and producing texts, and exploring English-speaking cultures and literatures. Specific goals include text comprehension, expressive reading, text production, and effective use of language tools.

Teaching Methods: The guide emphasizes the use of authentic texts, poems, and songs, and encourages interactive teaching methods, real-life context integration, and functional grammar teaching. Teachers are advised to balance the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and to use engaging materials and activities.


3eme (9th/10th Grade) EFL Syllabus

The 9th-grade syllabus aims to strengthen students' English language proficiency, including advanced grammar, reading comprehension, and basic writing abilities.

9tth/10th Grade Program/Programme 3e


High school Curriculum

High school Curriculum download or view link


This  English curriculum for secondary general education, updated in May 2021, encompasses a comprehensive range of skills and objectives across different class levels, each building upon the previous to enhance students' proficiency in English.


Core Skills

Linguistic Skills: Effective communication in English, with a solid grasp of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Socio-affective Skills: Promoting positive moral values, collaboration in various spheres, eco-consciousness, and advocacy for human rights and gender equality.

Cognitive Skills: Utilizing intellectual knowledge and analytical skills to solve real-life problems and discuss local, regional, and global topics.

Cultural Knowledge: Gaining an understanding of national life and culture, as well as the English-speaking world.

Specific Class Competencies


Seconde Class A/C

Reading: Comprehension of simple texts (300 to 350 words for A, 350 to 400 words for C) on emerging themes and international issues.

Listening: Understanding oral productions (2 to 3 minutes).

Speaking: Effective communication on familiar and emerging topics.

Writing: Creation of coherent texts (about 100 words) related to personal environment and concerns.

Translation: Maintaining the essence of a source text in translation.

Academic Progression Plan 2nde A 2024 / Progression 2nde A 2024

Academic Progression Plan 2nde AB3 / PROGRESSION 2nde AB3

Detailed Planning for 2nde A Class / Planification détaillée de la 2nde A

Detailed Planning for 2nde C Class / Planification détaillée de la 2nde C

2nde F4 Curriculum / Curriculum 2nde F4 

Teacher's book/Guide download or view link



Première Class A/C and D

Reading: Comprehension of standard texts (350 to 400 words) on emerging themes and international issues.

Listening: Understanding oral productions (3 to 4 minutes).

Speaking: Holding conversations on everyday life topics, using persuasion techniques.

Writing: Writing coherent texts (about 120 words) on everyday subjects.

English Progress 2022-2023 1ere F4 / Progress ANG 2022-2023 _1ere F4

Progression 1ere A / Progression 1ere A

Detailed Planning 1ere C and D / Planification detaillée 1ere C et D

Detailed Planning First Year 1ere A / Planification detaillée Première 1ere A

English Guide 11th Grade Year - August 24, 2023 Version / Guide-Anglais-1ere-24-08-23-BAT.pdf

Booklet for First Year 1ere Classes 2015 / Booklet for 1ere Classes 2015


Terminale Class A/C and D

Reading: Comprehension of standard texts (400 to 450 words) on emerging themes and global issues.

Listening: Understanding standard oral productions (3 to 5 minutes).

Speaking: Engaging in conversations with justification and explanation of ideas.

Writing: Producing coherent texts (about 150 words) of various types.

Detailed Planning for Final Year A / Planification detaillée Terminale A

Detailed Planning for Terminal Classes C and D / Planification detaillééTerminales C et D


Terminale Classes (G1, G2, F4 etc....)

Academic Progress 2022-2023 Terminal F4 / Progress ANG 2022-2023 _ Tle F4

Curriculum for Terminal G1 and G2 / Curriculum Tle G1 et G2




The "Annales d'Anglais Terminales séries C et D" Download Link


The "Annales d'Anglais Terminales séries C et D" is a compilation prepared by a team of English educational supervisors in Burkina Faso. It serves several purposes:

Continuity of Learning: The document aims to facilitate continued learning outside the classroom.

Exam Preparation: It provides students with past exam questions for the baccalaureate exams in series C and D, along with guidelines for successful completion.

Structure and Content: The document consists of two parts - the first part includes eleven subjects from previous baccalaureate exams, and the second part offers proposed solutions. The English exam itself lasts two hours and includes a text for analysis followed by a guided commentary section. This section involves four comprehension questions and a personal essay related to the theme of the text.

Additional Resources: The document also contains a list of emerging themes, a summary table of tenses, word order in sentences, a list of irregular verbs, parts of speech, common vocabulary, false friends, and various tips and suggestions for students​​.




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